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guided fly fishing in Maine, worth the trip

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thanks for sending the pics. I think they will give me enough credibility to justify purchasing another reel. I really did learn a lot last weekend. Before the weekend when I looked at a river I just saw a lot of moving water. Now when I look at a river I see a lot of places where fish may be and have a much better understanding of what I need to do to try and get one on the end of my line. I really enjoyed having an opportunity to fish with the “Gorge Boys”.

fall fishing kudos

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My husband and I recently had the pleasure of taking a guided fishing trip with Greg Caruso. Greg was extremely knowledgeable about the river, particularly some very remote areas, i.e., he knew the flies that were most appropriate for the time of year, etc. etc. etc. He could even carry an extensive conversations about the entomology of the river with my husband Steve (who is an avid fly fisherman) while expertly navigating our raft through white water…but, most importantly for me, he was very patient and kind with a “newbie” fly fishing “wanna be”. I learned a lot in a very few hours and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience – which I really was not expecting to do. His attention to detail and his attentiveness to both my husband’s and my abilities (or lack thereof) made it very easy to ask questions and gain confidence as the day wore on. I will continue to practice the various fly fishing techniques he taught me and can’t wait to return for another river float trip in Maine!

All the best,



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thank you so much for our guided tour today. Chris is an amazing person and
guide and we just caught so much fish.

Chris, we can't thank you enough for taking the time, effort and care in
making sure we caught fish. Hope to see you again.


Bob, Lorraine and Jaime Coley

Rain drop are fallin on my head

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On 5/27 I met up with Justin Loveitt from South Portland, who was pumped to fish, rain or shine. Booked through our friends at Kennebec River Outfitters, Justin came fully prepared. We dropped into the river and had a great day fishing even with a steady rain throughout the day. The torrent from the night before formed amazing waterfalls from what was normally a trickle, coming off the gorge walls. Justin managed to catch about every species of fish going and he was a great sport in the difficult conditions. Can't wait for the next trip.


Another great fish for JP

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Another photo of JP further downstream. From the trip on 5/20

Followup pics from 5/21

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Here's a follow up pic from our trip on 5/20 showing JP with a beauty he caught while Chris and I were cooking lunch. -Greg

Business meeting on the Kennebec

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Mike, thank you for sending these pics along. Sunny and warm in DC today….but those pics bring back the wet, cold and FUN day of fishing. Thanks for all the assistance. I think everyone had a good time. I know I did. June would be great.
John T.