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Another great day..

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HI Mike: We had a great day. Nice day to be out and you really worked hard to get us into fish....Never a dull moment.
Best Regards, Chris

First fish on a fly

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Hi Kennebec River Anglers,

Just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU to Mike for an amazing day on the Kennebec and the Dead on Sunday. I learned a lot about each river and caught some beautiful fish (significantly more than I usually catch :-p). Thanks especially for staying out almost until dark as the fish jumped everywhere!

check out the blog article about Erin's trip, just click on thelink below

Plan your gorge overnight trip now for excellent fall fishing .

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I know we are in the midst of summer, but it's not too early to book a trip of a lifetime. Our fall Gorge overnight trips are one-of-a-kind, with great scenery, fantastic fishing and best of all, NO CROWDS. Once the dam owners aren't committed to providing water for the rafting industry, it is quite common for us to have the fishing flow last all day, meaning we really get to experience all the gorge has to offer. Combine that with camping out in this remote section of Maine and this is a trip that can't be beat. Give us a call and we'll answer all your questions. Here's what Heather had to say about the trip she did with her Dad last October.

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for an incredible trip last week. We got home just
in time to lose power from the snowstorm the next day and we were
thinking of you back up in the gorge in that weather! I hope your
trips this weekend did not get snowed out.

We had such a wonderful experience on the river. The scenery was
beautiful, your cooking was delicious and to top it off, we caught
plenty of fish! Your guiding, navigation expertise, and preparations
made everything go smoothly. It did however take my Dad a little

Kennebec/Dead River Kudos

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Guys the trip was awesome. You both are consummate professionals. We really enjoyed it.

Thanks for the experience and for the photos.


Great Trip on Maine's Dead river

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Hi Mike and Chris;

Just got back to MA and wanted to drop a line and
tell you guys how much I enjoyed yesterday's trip. I know that the kids share that sentiment too. What a trip -- couldn't ask for a better day on the river! Everything was great; the fishing, the riverside lunch and especially your collective work as guides. I learned a lot about the art of fly fishing. I look forward to "running the Gorge" someday with you guys.

Thanks for a fantastic experience.

Manchester, MA

Thanks for a great trip!!

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Kennebec River TuxedoGreg,
Thanks again for taking me and my son Luke fly fishing into the
Kennebec Gorge this summer. This is something I always dreamed of
doing during my years of whitewater rafting, but never got around to
doing it. I couldn’t sleep the night before, and the morning could
not have been more exciting. Seeing moose on the way to the river and
the “class 5 put-in” (rappelling the raft into the gorge) made it all
the more exciting and I am sure it is a memory that Luke will have
forever. How about that fishing! I would have been content floating
the first pool but as you said, “you’re not going to believe the
fishing down river”. And you were right! I have spent the last 20
years traveling this country fishing where ever I could cast a fly,
but this was as good as any Montana stream that I have seen.

kennebec fishing trip 6/04/11

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Thanks for sending along the got some really great shots! More importantly, thank you for making our trip unforgettable. We had such a terrific day out on the water and it wouldn't have been the same without you...I'm excited to have caught a nice little brookie but I'll work on upping my numbers for next time! Have a great weekend and we'll let you know next time we're up for a visit.