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When a dead drift doesn't work

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Skittering caddis

Can't get those pesky fish to come up for your perfectly presented fly, you know, great cast just upstream of the rise, no drag on the fly because of a great mend followed by nothing. Here's what you can try. For a fish you know is there, ie. he's rising and you are in the right the fly 6 feet upstream and just about a foot above where it's been showing, just slightly wiggle your rod tip to get the fly to move ever so slightly. Hold on, because that little bit of motion can trigger a crushing strike. For just prospecting a run with a caddis dry, let the fly drift through the whole run and as it's reaching the end of the drift, lift your rod tip up and give it the same little wiggle. This will send your fly skittering on the surface, creating a little commotion and imparting a little life to your fly. If you sit there and watch caddis, they are never settled down to the point of just riding the current. These are busy little insects, and your fly may be better off dancing around a bit. Try it out and let us know how it works for you.