Fly Fishing Trips

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Kennebec River Angler guide service offers outstanding fly fishing for Maine’s 4 major cold water fish species. Acrobatic Landlocked Salmon, rugged Brown Trout, frisky Rainbow Trout and the legendary Brook Trout abound in the Upper Kennebec River watershed. Spend time with our knowledgeable and experienced guides who will assist in fly selection, fish location and proven techniques all while you enjoy the beauty of our remote locations. From true tail-water fisheries below Maine’s hydroelectric dams, to freestone sections of braided river and remote mountain ponds, we have a variety of outstanding water to please the most discriminating fly angler.

Upper Kennebec River Gorge

This remote section of river is our showcase trip. We are the only service that guides on this section, as it is a bit of a challenge to access; this is why it’s so good! Undoubtedly known for its raging Class IV rapids providing wild white water rafting, the Upper Kennebec Gorge isn’t the most likely place to think about a pristine Maine stream and fly fishing for brook trout and salmon. However, when the dam owners are not releasing water through the turbines, this section of river resembles a small stream and has a hidden gem of a fishery located deep in it's bedrock canyon. We'll arrive at Harris Station, Maine's largest hydro-electric dam at first light and slip down the river in our raft and fish pool to pool for some of the most remote Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon fishing Maine has to offer. Hold on, because at some point in the morning the water will rise and you and your fishing-turned-whitewater guide will get an exciting raft ride home. After fishing the gorge, we have the rest of the day to explore other great fishing options in the area.

Cost: $450 for one or two anglers.

With the nature of the generation operations of Harris Station, there are times when the dam owners release water all hours of the day, making this section unfishable. If this happens and we can not fish in the gorge, alternative arrangements will be made. We’ll still get you to some great fishing.


Dead River from Grand Falls to The Forks

This section of remote river is also well known for its whitewater rafting, and has very limited, rugged access. With the exception of known high-water release dates, this river is at fishable levels most of the year and has fast action in June and early July, and it’s one of our favorite trips in the fall. The entire 14 mile trip is through untouched wilderness and provides a true feeling of being ‘in the middle of nowhere'. This is one of the few places left where you can escape the crowds, the noise and the distractions of modern society. Wild Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon are the target species for this trip, with Rainbow and Brown Trout caught on occasion. This section of river has long pools, braided riffles and plenty of pocket water, providing anglers with a variety of challenges. Plan for a long day on the water; you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth of fishing on this trip.

Cost: $450 for one or two anglers.

Two Day Dead River Gorge Overnight Trip

You owe yourself this trip. Unwind, unplug and really take time to enjoy all around you. Modeled after popular overnight western river expeditions, with the addition of remote luxury with our friends at Maine Huts and Trails, this trip allows you to disappear from the real world to focus only on fishing for two full days. The first day you and your guide will drift the upper river and fish the well-known river sections below Grand Falls including Spencer Rips, The Falls Pool, and Spencer Stream followed by lunch at Beach Pool. Continuing down river we’ll park the raft and take a quick walk up to the Hut, as they’ll prepare a hearty dinner. After dessert and coffee, we’ll head back to the river to fish during the evening hatch. A comfortable and restful night sleep as guests of Maine Huts and Trails will be just the ticket to recharge the batteries for another great day. Day two begins with hot coffee and a huge breakfast prepared by the Hut staff, and then it’s off to the river. The lower nine miles of Class I – III rapids provides the transportation to exceptional scenery and solitude, plus great fishing all the way to the confluence of the Kennebec River in The Forks. This trip is fully outfitted and includes excellent meals, remote solitude, and one of the most unique fishing and lodging experiences in New England.

$1199 for 1-2 anglers * Upgrade price subject to season.


Brook Trout in Maine’s Remote Ponds

This is the trout fishing Maine is most famous for. With nearly a hundred small ponds to choose from, our guides know which ones are hot and which ones are not. Fishing from a canoe, row boat, or float tube we’ll arrive before dusk to prepare for the many different evening hatches. Anglers booking trips in late June and early July can expect to experience the infamous Hex Hatch, huge mayflies that drive trout into a frenzy. This is a sure must-see experience for any serious fly angler, but book early as this time frame is limited to a window of 7 to 10 days around July 4th.

These trips depart at approximately 4:30 and may require hikes of up to 1 mile.

Cost: $250 for one angler, $300 for two.
Book this as an add-on to any other day fishing trip – $150 for one angler, $200 for two.

Drift Boat Trips

While rowing our Hog Island Boat Works drift boat, our guides provide river knowledge and excellent boat handling to get you into the right position. This is a perfect way to gain confidence in a variety of fly fishing techniques.

East Outlet

Draining Moosehead Lake, the East Outlet has cold water all season and the great fishing to show for it. Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout along with Class I-III rapids provide the challenge for this postcard day on this beautiful remote river.

Bingham Section of the Kennebec River

One of the few sections of river with a wild, self-sustaining Rainbow Trout fishery. Salmon and Brook Trout are also caught during the day. This river section is a true tail water, with cooler water entering the river from Wyman Dam. The braided river bed offers a variety of opportunities for dry fly’s and nymphs.

Solon Section of the Kennebec River

Known for its Brown Trout, this section also has Salmon, Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout. Weaving its way through some amazing farmlands, this section is as scenic as it is a joy to fish.

Cost: $450 for one or two anglers.

Roach River Wading Trip

My personal favorite, this small river that has a little of everything and is built to fish on foot. Cascading whitewater, deep pools, long riffles and best of all, big healthy fish. This is thanks to a long standing Catch and Release Only policy on the river. Most years we see the biggest fish landed come from the Roach; will it be you that catches it? This is a MUST FISH river during the fall as Landlocked Salmon and colorful Brook Trout move upriver from Moosehead Lake to spawn.

Cost: $450 for one or two anglers.