Fly Fishing and Bass Fishing Trips

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Landlocked SalmonMark and Nancy came from Wisconsin for some fly fishing in Maine. They booked their trips with Kennebec River Outfitters and enjoyed a day in Rangeley, and then they came up to us in The Forks. We had a sunny and hot day with fish taking dry flys and landed about a dozen, including this brook trout that didn't get away.

I spent yesterday with Bo Uzzle in the gorge and up on the Dead River. We had a great day and landed a bunch of fish on a fly combination we refer to as the Jimmy Hendrick's Experience. You'll just have to come up and fish with us to learn it's true identity.

The bass fishing has been hot and we've been having 30 and 40 fish days lately. It's not too late to get in on some great fishing.

Get out and fish!!


Kids and the Kennebec, 07/7/2011

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There's nothing better than seeing the look on a kids face when he's catching fish... especially on a fly! I spent the day in the gorge with my good friend Gary and his 9 year old son Luke, who is well on his way to being a great fisherman. Luke was showing off his excellent roll cast in the first pool, while I was getting the boat ready, and then 3 of us headed off into the gorge. It was a bright sunny morning and the heat jumped up a good 10 degrees within an hour so the fish were a bit skiddish, but we still managed to drum up a fair amount of action, both on the top water and with wet flies. Gary scored first with a nice salmon, right out of the gate. Next it was Luke's turn, catching a couple brookies in the sunrise pool. We continued on down the river throughout the morning, hitting pool after pool, with some good hit or miss action. Just before the water came up, Luke decided he was going to catch every fish in the river, and scored 2 brookies and a salmon in a matter of 5 minutes! Great job Gary on teaching Luke to fly fish so well, at such a young age...there's nothing better! -Greg

Half Day Kennebec River Fishing Trip in The Forks

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Now, one would think that getting a photo of a fish is easy.....well think again. Here is avid outdoorsman George Smith, who I'm sure has handled thousands of fish in his career, juggling a Kennebec River landlocked salmon. But, let's face it, they like to be in the water, not a pair of hands. We did get a great shot of the fish, but this is just a funny photo. I'll email George the good photo, so he can have proof of a nice fish. George and his wife, Linda were guests today of Maine's Premier Outdoor Adventure Resort, Northern Outdoors in The Forks, for some research for upcoming writing projects. You can check out his site at Aside from fly fishing the Kennebec River, they also toured the Kennebec River Brewery and will do some whitewater rafting in the upper gorge. Linda seemed a little nervous, but she's in great hands with the pro's at Northern. Thanks guys for a great trip, and I look forward to fishing with you again soon. Chris

Kennebec River Brook Trout

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Technically, today is a day off....but....I hadn't made a cast in a couple days. I had to scout a bit for a trip tomorrow with George Smith and his wife Linda. So, with the temps already hitting 90 degrees, me and the dog headed to our favorite pool on the Kennebec River. Located just 100 yards off Route 201, it's quick, easy and still quite productive. I say it's our favorite pool, because the dog gets plenty of swimming in while I'm fishing. Armed with just my 3 weight and a handful of dry flys, I picked up a 14 inch brookie on the third cast, then proceded to drop it as I was trying to take a photo. All in all, after an hour and a half, I landed 8 brook trout, including a twin to the first one that is in the photo. Looking forward to tomorrow to show George that even though we are in the dog days of summer, brookies are still eating drys. I'll be heading into a pond tonight to check on the status of the Hex hatch. Report will follow. Keep your tip up! Chris

Maine Brook Trout on Dry Flys

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My old buddy Pete Holt visited today to fish the Gorge with me. Fishing with a friend is always fun because I get to make a few casts. We landed about 25 fish, most on dry flys and Pete got this handsome 16 inch brookie on a Bugmeister. We were even entertained by a great dogfight between a bald eagle and an osprey. Just another great day in the gorge!!!

Smallmouth bass fishing in Maine is hot right now.

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Bob and Reeve enjoyed a great day of smallmouth fishing. Reeve landed several bass over 19 inches including this 20 incher. Bob is an old friend I knew from my bartending days, and Reeve is a friend of his that grew up fishing on Moosehead Lake. This was Reeve's first real experience with smallmouth and I think we've got him hooked. He does have to learn that when someone brings you fishing, to not outfish them too bad. I'll have to take Bob out again to give him a fair chance, as Reeve was on fire. Reeve has invited me out to Moosehead for some big lake trolling. I hope to cash in on that shortly.

Bass Fishing in Maine a great family activity

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Northern Outdoors provides a great location for a family getaway, and Marie,her brothers, aunt, Mom and Dad all flew up from Houston Texas to try out some of Maine's great adventures. Apparently, they had sort of a flight-from-hell to get here, but after a few extra states, a couple spare tires (for the plane) and an added 8 hours of travel they made it safely. We let them sleep in a bit, and then headed out for some smallmouth fishing. We ended up dodging a few mid-day thunder storms by taking shelter in my camp, but ended up having a great day on the water. Maria landed this hefty smallmouth after having a larger one break off. Her dad had a rod explode in two pieces moments later while landing a big bass as well, proving our point that these are some of the toughest fish in Maine. I'll be out there again tomorrow as July is one of the best and busiest months for smallmouth fishing. Chris