Missing Person's Report

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This is kind of a 'where's waldo' post. I have this friend that I thought had a real fishing addiction....I mean, he was up here 3, 4, sometimes 5 times a year. At this point in the late summer, I haven't seen him once. He cancelled out of a Rapid River trip in May, never showed up once for all the great June fishing, didn't make it up for the Hex hatch on the ponds in July, and the last time I called him about being too busy to fish, he was on the golf course. Maybe I'll see him in August. Where the hell are you Eddie? If anyone sees him, kick him in the golf bag. Chris

Family trips include fishing and rafting with Northern Outdoors

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It's always nice to have some Mainer's on a trip once in a while. Emily, Phil, Amanda and Lisa escaped from the vacation town of Old Orchard Beach and got away from the big blue sea and headed to the mountains for some rafting, ATV riding and a day of smallmouth bass fishing. We fished one of the large impoundments on the Kennebec and landed some BIG bass including this 19 inch fish. The bite was a bit sluggish and the bass were a little picky, but we had times where we'd pick up three fish in three casts. We broke off several big fish, had a couple jump off and saw several others just follow the lures back to the boat. Dave's boat, with Amanda and Lisa had the same experience but landed quite a few fish as well. Thanks for a great day you guys, and we hope to see you up here again for some fly fishing. Chris and Dave

Smallmouth bass fishing on the Kennebec River

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Father and son team Bill and Connor from central Mass are staying with Northern Outdoors this week and decided to book a 1/2 day bass fishing trip with Kennebec River anlger. Cameron caught his first smallmouth 10 minutes into the trip. 20 minutes later Bill caught his first fish on a fly rod...well almost caught his first fish on a fly rod. We switched over to all spinning gear using grubs, mepps, rattle traps, and things picked up quite a bit. Cameron hooked onto an 18 inch Kennebec smallmouth and after a great battle, landed him for the picture above. Great job!

Fishing tournament on the Kennebec River

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Family competition couldn't get much closer. This past weekend Beth from Long Island came up to Northern Outdoors and booked a 1/2 day bass fishing trip with Kennebec River anlger. She booked it for the entire family! Chris took the men and I took the ladies. The father and son team scored a couple nice fish right out of the gate, but daughter Emily came on strong landed 6 fish in the first hour. Beth did her part towards the end, (picture above) landing this double in the next to last pool. As we pulled in to finish the trip, the boys let us know the girls were down by one fish. Just as we were ready to takeout Emily landed one last fish. The tournament ended it a tie. 14 fish per boat, not bad for a few hours on the Kennebec. We all had a great day.

Father and Son Take on the Kennebec River

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Traveling from Missouri, Howard came to Maine to visit Shawn and enjoy a bit of adventure. While staying with Northern Outdoors, they took a half-day float trip with us and caught plenty of smallmouth bass. Later in the day they hiked into Moxie Falls and tomorrow they are going white water rafting in the Kennebec River Gorge. Shawn is in Maine working and Dad gets the benefit of visiting a few times a year. Kennebec River SmallmouthMoxie Falls : Moxie Falls

Another Great Day Fishing The Kennebec River Gorge

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Our friend James came along with Mike, Greg and I as we spent the day fishing in the gorge. We all landed plenty of salmon, many of them on dry flys. Mike brought out the Muddler Minnow and put on a clinic with this classic fly, catching five fish in five casts.

If you ever wondered how much the water level changes once the water is released from the dam, check out the photo of James. Here you can see the 'bathtub' ring, which is where the water level is during power generation. That's a change of about six and a half feet, and it happens in about 15 minutes. Book a trip with us and we'll be sure to keep you safe, dry and in the fish. ChrisThe difference between fishing flow and generation flow: James pointing out the water line

Kennebec River Angler in the News.

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We've recently had a couple articles written about our company, one in the local paper and another in the Maine Sportsman. Here's the link to the article in Sunday's (7/31/11) Waterville Sentinal, written by George and Linda Smith. http://www.onlinesentinel.com/reallife/northern-outdoorshead-up-the-road...

The other article, written by William Sheldon, is in the August edition of the Maine Sportsman, Jackman Region. We'd like to thank all the authors for putting these great articles together. It is much appreciated to work with professionals like these folks.

Mike, Greg and Chris