Thanks for a great trip!!

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Kennebec River TuxedoGreg,
Thanks again for taking me and my son Luke fly fishing into the
Kennebec Gorge this summer. This is something I always dreamed of
doing during my years of whitewater rafting, but never got around to
doing it. I couldn’t sleep the night before, and the morning could
not have been more exciting. Seeing moose on the way to the river and
the “class 5 put-in” (rappelling the raft into the gorge) made it all
the more exciting and I am sure it is a memory that Luke will have
forever. How about that fishing! I would have been content floating
the first pool but as you said, “you’re not going to believe the
fishing down river”. And you were right! I have spent the last 20
years traveling this country fishing where ever I could cast a fly,
but this was as good as any Montana stream that I have seen.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing is HOT!!

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Mike and I enjoyed yesterday with a great family from Long Island NY on a half day bass fishing trip. Emily, Andrew, Jim and Beth came to visit Northern Outdoors for a rafting and fishing trip and had a bunch of fun with us catching smallmouth bass. As the day played out, it became a bit competitive and I believe we ended up with a tie, 14 fish per boat on a morning trip. The jury is still out on who caught the biggest fish, but the bottom line is everyone had fun and caught plenty of fish. Chris

Kennebec River Smallmouth Bass

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Sam, Jeff and Pete from Mass visited Northern Outdoors to beat the heat and enjoyed a day of smallmouth fishing and whitewater rafting. Our day fishing was spent watching young Sam put on a fishing clinic as he outfished everyone on the boat. Here he is with one of his many smallmouth bass. His Dad got into the action as well, and brother Pete had great day also. These are the trips that make great memories for all families, so be sure to get up here before the summer is over.Kennebec River Smallmouth Bass: Kennebec River Smallmouth Bass

Dog Days of Summer

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Smallmouth BassWell, July is about to slip away into August and that means Smallmouth Fishing is where it's at. Here's a shot of our dog Winger getting some early season work pointing a smallmouth. My Dad, the dog and I went out on the Kennebec River the other day to see how the smallmouth bass were staging up in this hot weather. They are right where they are known to hang out, at the top of the pools looking into the current. We caught a 19, 18 and 17 inch class fish in our two hours, a successful scouting mission. I'll be heading out this afternoon for a half day fishing trip on this section. I'll let you know how it goes. Chris

Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Maine

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Penelope and Tony from Arizona were on a quick vacation to Maine and stopped in to Northern Outdoors for some whitewater rafting and a half day of fishing. Penelope had never been fishing and caught her first fish ever. She also caught her 12th fish. Kennebec River SmallmouthTony also boated about a dozen as the bass were hungry and aggressive. This is a must do trip for those looking to catch some fish and get back on the move to more exciting adventures. The bass fishing in Maine is hot right now, we offer half and full day trips. Treat yourself to a fun, fish-filled day. Give us a call. Chris

Fishing still strong on the Kennebec River

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Kennebec River Outfitters booked us an enjoyable couple and we spent the day guiding Jack and Carol from Virginia. Jack and Carol are on a quest to spend a day on TU's 100 must-fish rivers in the US. They knocked off the Penobscot, the Rapid and the Kennebec Rivers with this visit to Maine. Jack caught fish on all three rivers including landing about 15 with us in The Gorge. They only have 21 rivers left with about 15 to do in Montana. I wish them luck!! The dry fly fishing is holding up and the hot temps finally broke today, so it should last a bit longer. Get up here and check it out! Chris

Fall Fly Fishing in Maine

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Just a little reminder, FALL FISHING in Maine is coming soon. This has to be my favorite time to chase after big fish. The Landlocks and Brookies are moving to spawn and they are aggressive.

This is to remind you to put a couple days aside in September and October to book a trip and see for yourself why this is our favorite season.

See ya soon.