"a great time fishing on the Kennebec "

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We had a great time fishing on the Kennebec last weekend.(8/29/15) It was a beautiful day - not too hot, not too cold, and it was so relaxing drifting down the river and casting for bass. We were in two rafts - Mike and Garrett were our guides. We argued after the trip who had the better guide - both were very knowledgeable, patient, and fun. I was particularly grateful to Mike for the attention he gave my daughter - who wasn't all that sure about fishing! He made sure that she caught some fish, and helped her with how and where to cast to find fish. We shared a good laugh when a fish slipped out of her hands, right into her sweater pocket!! A great day on the Kennebec - we will definitely be back!!

Fall fishing in Maine = big salmon

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Another great fish caught this fall....one of many

"a once in a lifetime fish"

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Dear Chris, Greg,& Mike,

Just wanted to let you all know what a great time I have had this year fishing the Kennebec and its tributaries. I had a great trip in June with my 2 boys and friend Larry, and returned in july with friend Barry and wound up catching the fish of a lifetime!!

Catching that huge brown trout was certainly a great experience. It was a once in a lifetime fish. Both Barry and I had a great day of fishing in the Gorge and the Kennebec Anglers skill as fishing guides
is exceptional. I have already emailed my 2 sons the story and picture (we were all with Kennebec River Anglers in june) and they already are talking of another trip.

I have fly fished in northern Ontario,Labrador,British Columbia,Montana,and throughout Maine, and the Gorge section of the Kennebec is my favorite stetch of water.

Please give my regards to Lizzie--I was eating her banana bread and stripping line slowly when I latched onto that trout.


Fall fishing on East Outlet

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East Outlet has been a bit slow the last couple weeks. We were still able to land this nice salmon last weekend on a hopper dropper set-up. We expect things will start picking up as the water temps start to drop.

fall fly fishing in Maine

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Temps are coming down, big fish are moving up river. We are getting ready for a great fall fishing season. This salmon was taken last week in the Kennebec River Gorge. Fall fishing has begun, there is still time to make a reservation and get in some great fishing before the snow begins to fly...winter is coming

Smallmouth Bass fishing in Maine

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The smallmouth fishing keeps getting better and better. We landed quite a few fish including several LARGE smallmouth bass. Great people, big fish...another incredible day on the water

fly fishing for rainbow trout in Maine

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While fishing has slowed down a bit in some parts, the Bingham section of the Kennebec continues to produce some great fish. This rainbow trout was caught last night on a dry fly just before dark. Rising fish all around we landed several nice fish, mostly salmon and rainbows