More fly fishing photos from yesterday

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Another great fly fishing photo from yesterday.


Maine Fishing at its Finest!

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The trout and salmon fishing on the Kennebec is still red hot! Yesterday I had the pleasure of guiding a fly fishing trip on the Kennebec with John F. courtesy of KRO in Madison. He had an absolute day to remember and caught one beauty after another. Come with us and see for yourself! -Greg

another great day of bass fishing in Maine

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Had a couple great guys on the river yesterday from southern Maine. The trip was a birthday present from Chase's girlfriend(great idea!) We spent the afternoon on the lower Kennebec looking for some smallmouth bass, we found some, a lot of them. Big smallmouth have moved in, and the fishing can't be beat.

Special thanks to Northern Outdoors for booking the trip.

Guided bass fishing on Maine's Kennebec river

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guided bass fishing on Maine's Kennebec river, fun for everyone, This 19" smallmouth gave us quite a run. Peak season is here and we are catching some great fish.

fly fishing in maine, big salmon on the Kennebec river

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Guided a party of 10, fly fishing on Maine's east outlet of moosehead lake last's another picture of a great salmon. A super group of fly fisherman, and another great day on the river

guided fly fishing in Maine, now is the time

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Fishing in Maine still at peak in the upper Kennebec River Valley. Great days on the river, lots of brook trout and salmon, all sizes, all taking dry flies. Warm sun, cool water, tight lines....nothing better

fly fishing in Maine, first fish on a fly

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A little fit of fly fishing instruction before hitting the water was all Jeff needed to have an unbelievable first day fly fishing in Maine. Guiding is extremely rewarding when we can take a first timer and land double digit numbers for trout and salmon before lunch...another great day on the Kennebec River

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