I grew up hunting, fishing and trapping in Gardiner, Maine, located on the lower Kennebec River. I caught my first fish, a sunfish, when I was about 5 years old with my Dad. I carried that fish around for three days, showing it to anyone who’d get near me. I remember catching my first brook trout on a fly rod when I was in eighth grade on a remote pond in the Jackman area.

While attending the University of Maine at Orono in 1985, I answered an ad to become a whitewater rafting guide and fell in love with this area. After graduation, I made the simple move upstream where I met my wife Cindy and I’ve been here ever since. I began guiding fisherman in 1991 as part of my full time job at a local resort. In 1998, with the help of some partners, I founded Adventure Bound, an outdoor adventure resort for youth groups. In 2008 I was able to start my own fishing guide service while waiting for Mike and Greg to get in the right position for us to start Kennebec River Angler.

While I find fly fishing the most challenging, I do not take an elitist approach to fishing styles. I’ve competed successfully in my share of bass tournaments over the years, and still have tons of fun spin fishing for smallmouth bass. My fall is spent grouse and woodcock hunting over our

Brittany named Brookie. During the winter months I wear many hats; bartender, snowmobile guide, I also teach outdoor education programs to kids and adults including fly tying, fly casting, rod building, as well as map, compass and GPS navigation.

Cindy and I usually vacation in south Florida or the Bahama’s each winter so I can get a bit of fishing in during our off-season, just to stay in ‘shape’. My most exotic fishing experience was in Spain fly fishing for carp while surrounded by a flock of 200 sheep. I look forward to spending days on the water with anglers who I’ve become friends with and also to meeting new clients and showing them some of our great fishing adventures.